Graffiti Artist Futura Visits South Florida

Last Friday, Graffiti Artist Futura visited the North Miami Total Wine store. Futura started creating his graffiti art in the New York City subways of the 1970’s. His popularity grew to the point where he was touring with Punk Rockers The Clash, performing live graffiti backdrops as the band played. “So why was he in a liquor store in South Florida?” Excellent question, and the answer might not be what you thought.

Futura recently collaborated with Hennessy Cognacs to design a limited edition bottle for their VS product. I’m not really a graffiti aficionado, but the art is really colorful and interesting. Hennessy arranged a short bottle signing and tasting at Total Wine, and I was given an invitation to attend. You didn’t need an invite, but it was a nice touch.

I arrived early as prompted, with my cousin-in-law. We were first in line, too, typical. Hennessy didn’t just have a table and pen for this guy either. There were at least 4 or 5 models, a DJ, some decorations, some swag, velvet ropes to assist this giant bodyguard in protecting Futura (you know how rowdy Total Wine customers can be).

Anyway, I took a bunch of pictures, had Futura sign my bottle, a gift box and my newly acquired Hennessy cap. He was a soft-spoken guy, appreciative of fans coming down to support him and gracious and patient with the photographers. So I guess I can cross off “meet famous graffiti artist” from my bucket list. How about you?

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