for artists…By Artists presents Rebecca Barba and Masha Feterman 9/23/12

for artists…By Artists presents Rebecca Barba & Masha Feterman
faba923bday09/23/2012, 7:00pm
Haven Lounge
1237 Lincoln Rd
Miami Beach, Fl 33139

RSVP: 305.987.8885

The 35th installation of ‘for artists….BY ARTISTS’ will feature a Digital Art Exhibition by Rebecca Barba & a Digital Photographic Exhibition by Masha Feterman.
The objective of ‘for artists……BY ARTISTS’ ( is to create a social colony for artists from all disciplines of the arts with the focal point being on painters, photographers, designers and sculptors. Utilization of the technology at Haven and maximizing its potential is what sets this weekly exhibition apart from others.
About Rebecca…
Born and raised in South Florida, Rebecca Barba is a first generation Cuban-American.
Since the tender age of 3, Rebecca showed signs of creativity. Throughout her early education, she excelled in her art courses, receiving accolades in both school and community-sponsored art competitions. Rebecca earned a Minor in Visual Arts from Florida International University in 1995.
In 2007, she was fortunate to meet and be inspired by visual artist, Pablo Contrisciani,
he helped un-lock her expressionistic style. As an artist, her style has evolved through the years, mastering mediums such as: pencil, charcoals, watercolors, pastels and acrylics. Her most recent creations are interpretations of moments in the artist’s life expressed in passionate energized brush strokes of captivating hues. These are appropriately called, “Art of Life By Rebecca B.” A collection of paintings derived from the experiences in the artist’s life; life is what inspires her!
for more on Rebecca visit her website:

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elit By Stoli…
Dinner Reservations are highly recommended for this event.
elit by Stoli Dinner Pairing/Menu
1st Course
Pick One: Melon Salad, Gazpacho Salad, Sashimi w/ elit cocktail
2nd Course
Pick Two: Santa Monica Roll, Crackle-POP Roll, Everything Roll, Jerk Skewer, Swedish Skewer,
Grilled Cheese Skewer, Prime Beef Slider, Falafel Slider w/ elit cocktail
3rd Course
Nitro Ice Cream
$40 (Tax and gratuity not included)
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Mixology by Isaac Grillo 
Culinary Cuisine prepared by Chef Todd Erickson 
elit by STOLI…Cocktail Creations by Mixologist Isaac Grillo 
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  Music Provided By: Ben Del Sol & George Vidal
Hosted By: Gary James & Sandra Garcia
Projection Design By: Ricardo Agudelo
Curated By: Rod Pratt 

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