Free Beer Tasting 5 Belgians are People Too 9/10/12

Free Beer Tasting #5: Belgians are People Too
belgiumMonday Sept 10 – 6p-8p
Gordon Biersch – Brickell
1201 Brickell Ave
Miami, Florida 33131
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It’s often confused me as to why people like taking shots at Belgians. So what if they have no real distinct language and borrow from the Dutch and French? Imagine borrowing something from the French –ha! So what if they didn’t win any gold medals at the Olympics? They did win a bronze in women’s judo and a bronze in laser class sailing. Yes we know that it’s easy to poke fun at Belgians. Heck, the two largest groups of people there are the Flemish and the Walloons. Yup, Flems and Loons.  They kind of do it to themselves.   But today I want to make a stand.  I want to scream “Belgians are people too!” as loud as I can on the keyboard.  Not that I’m actually going anywhere to yell this you understand. I want us to focus on the fact that the Flems and Loons have feelings and most importantly, they have redeeming qualities.  I don’t know any except for their prowess in brewing. (If anyone can chime in with some redeeming Belgian qualities please let me know.) Even though Belgium is considered a “low county” it is deep in our hearts with brewing.
Simply put Belgians make great beer. Not only that, but we Americans have borrowed greatly from many styles of Belgian brewing.  So let’s put aside that Belgium has no famous athletes or world leaders.  Forget that they don’t even have their own language.  It’s not important that people use Belgium and Holland interchangeably although they are two independent countries.  Belgians make a fine beer and for that alone they should be respected and counted as people too. So join me in celebrating Belgian rights and respect from here on out. Let’s raise our glasses and toast these fine Belgian beers. Cheers to you our Belgian brethren; the Flems and the Loons!
Join us in celebrating Belgian Respect day this Monday September 10 at Gordon Biersch in Brickell.  We’ll be sampling Belgian beer and Belgian style beer from 6p-8p. I’d like to say we’ll be sampling some Belgian culinary delicacies, but we haven’t found any.  See you Monday for “Belgians Are People Too.”

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