Christian Holstad and Seth Price + Works from the Collection 9/8/12

Christian Holstad and Seth Price + Works from the Collection
Second Saturday Gallery Walk, September 8, 2012. From 7-10pm
BANNER_2012_HOLSTADde la Cruz Collection
23 N.E. 41st Street
Miami, FL 33137

The de la Cruz Collection is pleased to announce the opening of an installation in our project room of works by American artist Christian Holstad.

Christian Holstad’s art practice reflects his interests in crafts, hand-made objects and textiles. Holstad’s work shares a "Camp" aesthetic sensibility with references to kitsch. "Camp" was very much part of the 1960’s culture and is often associated with drag queen performers, filmmakers like John Waters (his films Pink Flamingos, Hairspray and Polyester), Andy Warhol and artists like Divine and Liberace.
Holstad’s installation Sleeping Bag from Dignity, 2004, a crotched campfire scene, includes a sleeping bag with an image of Patty Hearst on the pillow, a symbol of American History in the 70’s. Big Drag, 2004, a metallic purple hyena with flamingos is also included in the installation, further referring to disco culture.
It Comes in Waves, 2003, Christian Holstad’s sparkling tinsel curtain, brings back memories of Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ glittering curtains. By inprinting on the curtain Japanese artist Hokusai’s famous early 19th century woodblock print The Wave, Holstad introduces high art on modest materials.

Christian Holstad was born in Anaheim, California 1972.
He lives and works in New York.

The de la Cruz Collection is pleased to announce the opening of an installation of works by American artist Seth Price.
In an interview with Gwen Allen in 2007, Seth Price stated – "I’m interested in the effect of digital technologies, as they reached the marketplace sometime in the 1970s. It does happen to line with my own life span." Like Marcel Broodthaers and Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Seth Price is interested in the importance of the distribution and dispersion of the artwork.
In Digital Video Digital Effect: Spills, 2004, Price alters a homemade video shot by Joan Jonas featuring Richard Serra and Robert Smithson discussing current issues referring to the art market. Price uses electronic ink to abstract and erase the image, however their conversation can be heard. The packaging of the video is an integral part of the work, creating a time capsule, and questioning the obsolescence of technology.
Price’s use of industrial methods is manifested in his vacuum-formed works. In this case, the synthetic rope becomes a "luscious" object even though its just a plastic mold like those used today for packaging and distributing mass-produced goods.
Seth Price was born in East Jerusalem 1973.
He lives and works in New York.

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