Appleton Estate Bartender Challenge 2012

Last night I went to the Appleton Estate Bartender Challenge at The Blackbird Ordinary in Miami. Five bartenders had to create two drinks each and do so based on the inspiration of a particular song.

I’ve already written a detailed and more personal account of the evening on my blog, but I wanted to do a recap here to show you tons more pictures. Also, you know, because my bosses James and Annette were there and they are very demanding about my performance!

Local bartenders Cricket Nelson, Ben Clemons, Nick Nistico, Richie Petronzi and Rob Ferrara each created two unique cocktails featuring Appleton Reserve. The drinks were very complex and creative, and all of the competitors really went all out with their performances. My favorite drink on the night was Richie Petronzi’s Die Die My Darling, though I enjoyed all of them.

In the end, the judges voted to send Ben Clemons to New York for the US Finals, with that winner going to Jamaica for an international competition. I met a lot of fun people, stumbled into some old friends, and drank rum with Rum Royalty.

I hope you enjoy these photos. They are about 10% of the ones I took. The rest are blurry and/or terrible. If you are giving free photography classes, please contact  me!


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Author: BeerDrinkerRob