1000 Fuegos and Pata de Conejo 8/23/12

1000 Fuegos & Pata de Conejo
08/23/12, 10pm-2am
337 SW 8th St
Miami Fl 33130
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Compositions that paint an afro-cuban face with a transplanted american smile that only finds home in a jaded heart. 1,000 Fuegos presents ancestral sounds entombed by the filter of today’s modern pop perspective. All the way from Hialeah, FL – a concrete melting pot of cultures spanning from the Caribbean, South and Central America and the US- this music transcends our modern concept of diversity.

Currently residing in Miami (FL), this firey movement continues to gather local strength and support through regular performances for more than a year and will be releasing their first official EP in December (2011) including recordings from Miami, at Phat Flow Records and Portland at Indigo Groove Studios. With this EP, 1000 Fuegos is expanding by performing throughout Florida, the NW and California. Recordings for a full-release begin in late October for a release in March of 2013.

Explosive rock show with a Latin flavor by the Guatemalan singer Elder Menendez and Pata de Conejo (Rabbit Foot) will be performing this Thursday 23 August at PAX – 8th Street, Miami Fl, USA.

On this occasion, the musicians present the material currently recording and have the following line up on stage.

Tebelio Fonte (Cuba) – Bass
Paul Votteller (Colombia) – Drums
Alvaro Rodriguez (Peru) – Guitar and vocals
Elder Menendez (Guatemala) – Guitar and vocals

We invite you to experience a burst of sound by this spectacular project, mix of alternative rock, folk, reggae, blues and other genres.

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