Phuc Yea! Last Cameo at District Factory on 2nd Saturday 8/11/12

Phuc Yea! Last Cameo at District Factory on 2nd Saturday
Saturday, August 11, 2012, 7:00pm – 10:00pm
2nd Saturdays, Gallery Walk, Miami Design District
District Factory
3900 Ne 1st Avenue
Miami, Fl 33137

Phuc Yea! is an off-the-cuff version of Vietnamese cuisine. Different from other Vietnamese and Asian-inspired restaurants, PY offers its own spin regionally traditional items that Americans have yet to experience as conventional Vietna mese fare; call it remixed-Vietnamese.

Vietnamese cuisine is a hybrid of Chinese, French, Indian, Khmer and Thai, making it a cuisine that is flavorful, complex and dynamic and creating a food culture that is greatly admired for the freshness of its ingredients. Phuc Yea! emphasizes these key points wowing eaters with vivacious flavors of fresh herbs, tart citrus, the savory complexity of nuoc mam (fish sauce) and hearty, flavorful protein preparations.

The word “Phuc” has a number of definitions in Vietnamese. Between “lucky,” “prosperity,” “happiness,” and “fortune,” all of the words seemed appropriate in defining the Phuc Yea! Cru’s goals as well as their current state of mind. What do you say? Phuc Yea!

The District Factory is an evening shopping event and mash -up that shines a spotlight on emerging designers and artists who are single-handedly manufacturing the hottest trends.

Founded on the belief that you can make a living doing what you love, The District Factory encourages the entrepreneurial spirit of emerging artists and designers by facilitating exchanges with the community that result in awareness, support, and ultimately commerce.

Taking it “offline”, The District Factory creates synergies between creatives and the community looking to meet the talent behind today’s emerging trends.

A Taste Of What’s To Come:
$6 each
Mamma T’s Special Imperial Rolls – Cha Gio (2pcs)
shrimp – pork – greens – herbs
Summer Rolls & Peanut Sauce – Goi Cuon (2pcs)
fresh shrimp – lemongrass chicken – rice vermicelli – crispy shallots
Good 4 Ur Belly Papaya Salad
green papaya – cherry tomatoes – roasted peanuts – nuoc cham
Jellyfish Salad
jellyfish – passion fruit – pineapple – jalapenos – vietnamese mint
Lemongrass Beef Salad
shredded lettuces – fresh herbs – cucumber – chiles – peanuts – ginger nuoc cham
Sweet and Sour Pork Belly
pineapple – bell peppers – onion – herbage
Steamed Rice Noodles and the stuff that makes ‘em taste good…
Banh Cuon 9.-dry shrimp rice noodles – ground pork – wood ear mushrooms – pork terrine – herbage -nuoc cham
Coconut Cupcakes
coconut cake, cream cheese frosting, toasted coconut

Sister restaurant The Federal Food, Drink & Provisions will be popping up a brew pub offering a selections of craft brews and wines to the public for their tippling pleasure. Beers and wine will be priced at $6 each.

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