Civil War Re-enactment at American Legion Post 8/11-12/12

Civil War Re-enactment at American Legion Post
August 11 & 12th
Saturday, August 11, 9AM-7PM
Sunday, August 12, 9AM-4PM
American Legion Post 65
263 NE 5th Avenue
Delray Beach, Florida

A fun and educational day for the entire family…Come join us for a Civil War Re-enactment
(FREE event sponsored by the American Legion and provided to citizens of the community.)

It is the American Legion Post 65’s honor to provide this historical and educational reenactment.

The men and women taking part in this will provide a historical perspective of what life was like in the civil war camps during 1865. The uniforms, weapons, and utensils are authentic. Members of both the Union and the Confederacy are in role. They will answer questions addressed to them as though you are in 1865. We have also asked our local Boy Scout troop to attend.

Civil War re-enactors will setup their tents and campsite on our property in Delray Beach. They will have 38 people for the event…including a canon! Many are Veterans themselves and they enjoy talking to the kids, plus showing them what it was like to live over 150 years ago.

Contact POST #65 for further information 561-330-6905

Civil War Food Menu (For sale to the public)
Muzzle Loader Hot Dogs
Trail Patty Hamburgers
Camp Fire Baked Beans
Ice Cold Whistle-Wetting Beverages
Well Water

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