Broward County Sheriff’s Community Day: Miramar, Florida

Yesterday I was headed to Home Depot to buy a new garbage disposal. Yeah, I know. Saturday Fun Day! On the way across Miramar Parkway, I saw some of those digital signs set up by the police, advertising a meet Sheriff Al Lamberti and Chief Keith Dunn event at Super Target. My kids read the sign too and asked if they could go, mainly so they could chat about Pokemon cards inside. And I said OK. I guess the point of an event like this is to showcase the local and county police departments, while being accessible to the community citizens in a fun and easy-going environment.

On the far side of Target’s parking lot was a pretty impressive display of police talents and vehicles. I personally loved the old-fashioned Miramar police car (and its engine). Yes, a cop was stationed next to it supervising. The sports car and souped-up muscle cars revving were also pretty cool. There were also children painting a fire truck right next to it.

Moving on, my children both loved the opportunity to sit in the driver’s seat of a Broward Sheriff’s helicopter! We learned about the bomb squad robot and were able to control the camera on it. Anyone for a chance to stand on and poke your head out of a Swat Team armored vehicle? Damn Straight!

Mounted Police? Yeah, but for some reason my kids didn’t want to rub the horses’ heads. We were on our way inside when we saw that Target had a person dressed like their mascot Bullseye. My little one ran away from it (like he did to Chuck E Cheese today), and when the mascot threw its arms up in disbelief, I gave it a big hug! I think that shocked the dog! Also shocking, my children skipped the free cotton candy. Hmmm. Very fun.

Inside, some informational booths, some chicken by Chick-fil-A, and a bunch of media stuff. You never saw so many police officers in one place. Good thing they were all so friendly. Nice impromptu (for us) event.


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