Movie Premier and Social for R4L 7/28/12

Movie Premier and Social for R4L
Thursday, June 28th at 6:00 PM
Muvico 12
780 West 49 Street
Hialeah, FL

Hialeah Relay 4 Life Movie & Cocktails

Join us and enjoy a movie premier and drinks to raise money for R4L.
We will have the opportunity to see any of the movies they are showing that night, and can even view a PREMIER screening of 4 child and adult friendly movies, listed on the invite. Muvico will open up the theater to all invited guests for the low price of $12.50 and provide a portion of the proceeds to our R4L cause. That will include a movie of your choice, a refillable combo of a popcorn tray and small soda.

Movies Showing:
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter 3D
Brave 3D
That’s my Boy
Rock of Ages

It is a great deal and a great cause.

Muvico will also have all items on their usual menu available, which includes a variety food and a line of beverages for you to enjoy that evening.

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