for artists…..BY ARTISTS presents photographer Lesly Bernal and painter Rick Esposito 6/10/12

for artists…..BY ARTISTS presents photographer Lesly Bernal & painter Rick Esposito
06/10/2012, 7:00pm
Haven Lounge
1237 Lincoln Road (corner of West & Lincoln)
Miami Beach, Fl 33139

Our 20th installation of ‘for artists….BY ARTISTS’ will pair together photographer Lesly Bernal and painter Rick Esposito.

The objective of ‘for artists……BY ARTISTS’ is to create a social colony for artists from all disciplines of the arts with the focal point being on painters, photographers, and sculptors. Utilization of the technology at Haven and maximizing its potential is what sets this weekly exhibition apart from others.

elit by STOLI is a proud supporter of ‘for artists…..BY ARTISTS’

The Photographer………Lesly Bernal
We have the honor of presenting Lesly Bernals first exhibit. A student at Miami International University of Art & Design, Ms. Bernal presents a varied collection of photos.
The featured series of photos will hail from her Fashion, Conceptual, and Narrative collections.

The Painter…………….Rick Esposito
Rich grew up tinkering with mechanics and playing hard at sports. His real love, early on, and to this day, is art. He attended the University of Kansas with a major in art. He began his career working for some of the nation’s top retailers producing graphics for showrooms, displays and photography styling. His innovative talent led to several private commissions, then the formation of his own design firm. Rick’s work in both the cosmetic and textile industries has produced many awards, including acclaim from Revlon, Givenchy, and YSL.

He has traveled extensively and been influenced by the primitive and abstract. Rick choreographs his art like a ballet master. He uses color that dances freely, sometimes playful, sometimes precise. Then the images take shape and formation. His format requires patience, precision and imagination.

Rick is an avid reader of mysteries and thrillers, filled with intrigue. He translates that written language into art. He plots his narrative with color, framing his episodes with humor, courage, and surprise. His solution is always the completed canvas.

According to Marc Chagall,” Color is all. When color is right, form is right. Color is everything, color is vibration like music everything is vibration.” Just as Chagall’s work vibrates through a mix of a brightly toned color palette in conjunction with abstracted representations, Rick Esposito’s images sing, pop and bubble as a result of the clear, vivid colors he so readily utilizes. Rick Esposito communicates sheer exuberance throughout his dynamic color usage. While looking towards his past for inspiration, Rick Esposito uses a fresh tonality and an exquisitely clean rendering.
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Culinary Cuisine prepared by Chef Todd Erickson
elit by STOLI…Cocktail Creations by Mixologist Isaac Grillo
Enjoy Industry Bottle Specials
Dinner Reservations are highly recommended for this event.

Music Provided By: George Vidal
Hosted By: Sandra Garcia, Leon Morley, & Lola Reyes
Curated By: Ricardo Agudelo
Created & Produced By: Rod Pratt

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