Vizcaya Park Grand Opening in Miramar

Vizcaya Park in Miramar was officially opened this past weekend. I’ve been chronicling the park’s construction over the past few years, as it’s been turned from a desert where we used to fly kites to the awesome park it is today. And these past few years are just the tip of the waiting. For a decade or more, including all the time I’ve lived in the nearby Vizcaya community, Commissioner Troy Samuels has been pushing for the creation of this park.

On Saturday, he got his wish as Mayor Lori Moseley opened the park with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Vizcaya Park is located at the end of Honey Hill Road, west of Flamingo, 14200 SW 55th Street, right on the county line. There are several fields for soccer and baseball, playgrounds, basketball courts, and a community center. The Mayor explained that the building and entire facilities were made to be on the cutting edge environmentally. The building, for example, was built with 20% recycled materials, and the fields and drainage systems were designed to maximize water usage.

I personally can’t wait to visit frequently, probably to use the game room and beat my kids in foosball. There are banquet rooms available and a computer room as well. And there will be some clubs and summer camps meeting there. Here is the website for Miramar Parks in general, as I didn’t see that the park has its own website yet. The number to call for more information about Vizcaya Park, according to the resident letter, is (954) 602-3167.


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