Photographs of Camper Spectator Boat at the In-Port Volvo Ocean Race on 5/19/12

On the Camper spectator boat during the in-port Volvo Ocean Race on Saturday, May 19, 2012.
Results from the in-port race.
1st Abu Dhabi 6 points
2nd Groupama 5 points
3rd Puma 4 points
4th Camper 3 points
5th Sanya 2 points
6th Telefonica 1 point

Volvo Ocean Race Village  was in Bicentennial Park Downtown Miami and was so much fun, they had interactive pavilions like Volvo Ocean Race’s ‘Life At The Extreme’ exhibition.  They also have A 3D cinema, The Dome and a simulator ride that gives you a look at what it feels like being onboard a Volvo Open 70 yacht.  This was a free and open to the public event, check out Volvo Ocean Race for more information on the remaining stops, next stop Lisbon.

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