Miami Vision Launch Networking Event at LMNT 5/17/12

Miami Vision Launch Networking Event at LMNT
Thursday, May 17th, 2012, 7 pm – 9 pm
55 NW 36th St.
Miami, FL 33127

Reinventing your Vision: How to Evolve with Change
Vision Launch and LMNT Contemporary Art Space are hosting a groundbreaking event aimed at providing a platform for leaders, artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs to put their visions in motion by sharing them with hundreds of like-minded individuals. The night will consist of a vision share, a panel discussion, musical performances, silent auction, live art exhibits and other interactive performances.
The theme for this upcoming event is “RE-INVENTING YOUR VISION. Every so often, the “game” changes, and you need to go back to the drawing board. Meet creative artists and business types as we discover the keys to evolving and reinventing your Vision! Whether your vision is entrepreneurial, musical, artistic, or socially motivated come share your vision and gain support.

Panel Guests –
Steve Remondini – CEO – Planet Impact, Inc
Representing Vision and Business
Jennifer Grace Safina – Executive Dream Producer Representing Vision and Personal Growth
Josephine “La Pepa” Bauza – Singer / Songwriter
Representing Vision and Music
Luis Valenzuela – Ethical Fashion Designer
Representing Vision in Fashion and Environmental Activism

A $10 donation at the door with proceeds going to Art Studio Miami a non-profit organization, to empower young minds by providing a safe location where youth are inspired and guided by artists, teachers, professionals and mentors who support the student’s education and career development through the integration of creative holistic arts.

The hosts for the next event are Jodi Darren, actor and TV Host, and Bill Holderby, entrepreneur and fellow Visioneer.Together, they believe that by stating your vision, you create a synergy that propels your vision into a greater existence, influencing the community and the world. For further information, visit

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