Dorsch Gallery presents Felecia Chizuko Carlisle, Michelle Weinberg, Elisabeth Condon opening 5/11/12

Dorsch Gallery presents Felecia Chizuko Carlisle, Michelle Weinberg, Elisabeth Condon – opening
Friday, May 11th 6-9pm
Dorsch Gallery
151 NW 24 St
Miami, FL 33127

Dorsch Gallery invites you to the opening reception for:
Felecia Chizuko Carlisle: Façade
Michelle Weinberg: The Pretend Dimension
Elisabeth Condon: Walk with Me

Extended hours for the Second Saturday Wynwood Artwalk on May 12th 12-9pm

Felecia Chizuko Carlisle: Façade
Skyscrapers are an invasive architecture. They are built with little regard for indigenous or local histories. They began as solutions for urban housing in a small footprint, and were revolutionized with the inventions of the elevator and air conditioning. Clusters of modernist skyscrapers, incredibly tall, glass and steel buildings, became dominant features of urban skylines around the world. Twentieth century expressions of alienation often occur with the cold edifices as symbols of impenetrability. If living or working inside one of these buildings, their superficiality can fade, into individual experiences of partitioned space. Carlisle lives and works on a small organic farm in Miami’s Little River, an inner city neighborhood adjacent to Little Haiti and a warehouse district. Her studio is in another warehouse district, Wynwood. From her perspective, she is always a street-level observe of skyscrapers.

Michelle Weinberg: The Pretend Dimension
“Today decoration epitomizes this transformation of object into system. The world has been remade into sign, into decor. That is to say, that decor lies at the crux of the dizzying traffic between industrial processes and digital codes, between the production of tangible goods and streams of information.”
-Michelle Kuo, “Pattern Recognition” in The New Décor by Hal Foster, Michelle Kuo, Kirsty Bell and Ralph Rugoff

Elisabeth Condon: Walk with Me
For Elisabeth Condon landscape is a site of political resistance following the literati tradition, Chinese intellectuals who maintained cultural practice and philosophical exchange for centuries despite pressures by each successive dynasty to cease. One must assert the freedom to move through space at will, in representation as in life.

Caption credit (clockwise):
Felecia Chizuko Carlisle Promo image for Façade
Michelle Weinberg Folded Kiosk, 2011 gouache on paper 48 x 38 inches
Elisabeth Condon Low Country, 2012 acrylic on linen 36 x 24 inches

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