Sirena in Rapture Art Exhibition 4/20/12

6th street container
1155 (rear) SW 6th street
Miami, Florida 33130

Sirena is the semi-mythological/ apocryphal denizen of Florida’s magical but threatened freshwater springs, and is the focus of this exhibit by Margaret Ross Tolbert.

On rare occasions Sirena has been documented in her home underwater at various springs, and this installation suggests that world and includes images from her sightings. The exhibit Sirena in Rapture will be an installation of traces of Sirena and images of the springs where she lives. The installation will include paintings, photography, video, and lenticular photographs.

Margaret’s work depicts a mosaic of Sirena with her world in the springs, making an underwater passage/ springs run of the entire length of the gallery space. The installation will include hundreds of pieces of small canvases, painted on site, at the water’s edge or floating in the middle of the spring. All connected together, suggest a continuum of water experiences and the Floridan aquifer , where all experiences and occurrences are joined. The installation will also include underwater sketches on plastic slates of gar and aquatic life, photography of Sirena underwater at the springs, and lenticular images that give a holographic effect to the narrative in the underwater world. Videos of Sirena, including The Search for Sirena, Glimpses of Sirena, and Sirena Rediviva, will be projected footage of Sirena underwater at the springs.

This is an exhibition you will not want to miss!

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