PAX Presents Tango Conspiracy 3/23/12

PAX Presents: Tango Conspiracy
march 23 2012, 10pm- 3am
337 S.W. 8th Street
Miami, FL, 33130

In 2005 Jimena Fama, an extremely talented vocalist, musician, composer and producer journeyed to her native country, Argentina to explore her musical roots and to capture the heart and soul of Tango. Understanding that both tango and dub had a subdued and deep sound, she decided to combine the genres. The result would be Electro Dub Tango, with a brilliant collaboration of renowned Tango musicians released in October 2005. The first branded album of a collection produced by MaktubRecords for Graziano’s Group.

With overwhelming response and popular demand, this project gave birth to her band…“Tango Conspiracy”. A talented plot of Miami and New York based musicians including Jimena Fama (Composer/Producer/Vocals/ Dj set / Guitar), Leo Barbosa / Juan Pablo Jofre Romarion (Bandoneon), Anibal Berraute / Maurizio Najt (Pianist), Jorge Carlos Oviedo (Violinist), Cedric Munch (Bassists) and Christopher Whitman (VJ) . Tango Conspiracy sets out to explore the deepest realms of this Argentinean folklore music by enhancing its subdued and intense mood with electronic dub undertones.

In January, 2007 Jimena wrote, produced and released the second album of Electro Dub Tango Collection. Electro Dub Tango meets Bossa Nova. A total inovative creation. It continues the trip to Buenos Aires making some stops in Rio. It’s Funk, it’s Lounge, it’s Tango, it’s Dub and it’s Bossa Nova.

Electro Dub Tango meets Europe is the third release! (2009). Mixing the Electro Dub Tango sound with old and new European influences was born this cool piece for the collection.

June 2010 World Cup Times …Fama’s conspiration and another album for the Electro Dub Tango Collection.

Tango and Fútbol (soccer), pop culture, unbridled passion. From the deepest beat of the Argentine heart, moving people, touching lives.

“Electro Dub Tango meets the World”, celebrates the euphoria of the new edition of the World Cup 2010, with subtle influences of the world of soccer and its African context.

Prepare to experience this unique and innovative sound!!
This an event you don’t want to miss MIAMI.

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