AfroBeta Live at Ricochet 2/22/12

AfroBeta Live at Ricochet
02/22/12, 9 PM
Ricochet Bar/Lounge
3250 Buenavista Blvd
Midtown, Miami

Miami’s Avant-dance duo Afrobeta have been tearing up dance-floors in their hometown since 2006. The Miami New Times even naming them best band in 2008, 2009,and 2010. After the success of their debut EP, Do You Party and Play House , featuring remixes by Larry Tee, Alexander Technique and Junior Sanchez, the band released their debut full length Album Under The Streets, August 30th.

Cuci Amador and Smurphio formed Afrobeta in 2006 as a means to attain an ultimate form of artistic self-expression. Their mutual love of classic songwriting. Cuban Pastries and Dancing till 5am inspired them to make music together. The thirteen tracks that make up their debut album will undoubtedly ignite dance-floors around the world-their unique and diverse sound trancends genre classifications. Cuci’s rapid-fire delivery, combined with Smurphio’s funky synths and head-bopping bass-lines, will keep you moving from start to finish on Under The Streets.

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