Sleepless Muscles and Slovakia 11/5/11

Sleepless Muscles and Slovakia
November 5, 2011
Installation: between 6 and 12AM
Performances: 7PM, 9PM and 11PM
Entrance to Bass Museum (from Park Ave)
2100 Collins Avenu
Miami Beach, FL 33139-1756

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Here are some project details:
Juraj Kojs: Sleepless Muscles: A muscle-powered multimedia installation
Sleepless Muscles investigates the ecological potential of the human movement. Our kinetic “waste” energy can indeed initiate expressive art creations. Such projects have the capacity to raise awareness about how we use our bodies to operate in the world.

A permanent magnet DC generator from is attached to a stationary bicycle. A pedaling viewer powers the musical greeting cards and two sets of LED lights. The pedaling speed controls the presence and intensity of both the sounds and lights.

Juraj Kojs: Slovakia
Slovakia is 35-minute program that combines Slovakian folk instruments and experimental electronica. The instruments such as sheep bells, fujara (bass overtone flute) and wooden noise makers are paired with the cutting edge technologies. Dramatic rituals and powerful music will transport you to the mysterious world filled with ancient calls and voices.

At and Across for Slovakian sheep bells and cyber bells (a part of Slovakia) “has an appealing, nonchalant quietude, rising to a tumultuous clamor now and then—a fascinating blurring of ancient sounds melded with 21st-century technology.” (Bruce Hodges, Music Web International’s Worldwide Concert and Opera Reviews)

Juraj Kojs is an award winning composer, performer and multimedia artist from Slovakia who specializes on creating and performing experimental interactive music with conventional concert instruments, folk instruments, everyday objects and computer. Kojs has performed at festivals and conferences in Europe, the US and Latin America. Miami New Times described his muscle powered multimedia Neraissance as “striking and unforgettable.”

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