Intention Intervention at Sleepless Night 2011 11/5/11

Intention Intervention: Sleepless Night 2011
Saturday, November 5th, Midnight
New World Center
Soundscape Park WallCast
Miami Beach, Florida

Camposition and its Founding Artistic Director, Octavio Campos, will officially launch Please Don’t Hate Me, its multi-year performance campaign of hybrid dance theater works at Sleepless Night Miami Beach on Saturday, November 5, 2011 at Midnight, to promote unity in South Florida. This performance, the world premiere of INTENTION INTERVENTION, is a groundbreaking, yoga-influenced installation that combines a new art film produced by Camposition’s PDHM Campaign in association with local Film Director Rick Delgado (NuFrontier Pictures) and Film Producer Dale Penn of PDHM. Featuring interviews with over 30 South Florida residents, the film will be WallCast in full HD at the state of the art New World Center – SoundScape Park (located at 17th St. and Washington Ave. in Miami Beach). Combined with live performances by Campos and others, a throng of yoga practitioners and Voices United, a chorus of over 100 singers (under the Direction of Katie Christie, Director), this installation will inspire, enlighten and entertain audiences of all ages.

While big budget film and television crews invaded Miami this summer, the local INTENTION INTERVENTION crew quietly screened locals for riveting interviewees, engaging residents who have experienced hatred in some form and who then took, and continue to take, meaningful action to make a difference in our community. Consequently, PDHM calls those who join its campaign “Actionists.” In the film, nuggets from these interviews are artfully interlaced with a tour de force performance by local artist Natasha Tsakos. Tsakos portrays the anguish of 108 human delusions, represented in both Hinduism and Buddhism by the 108 beads of the eastern rosary (mala), transforming herself as if by magic into the very essence of enlightenment. An original score by Michael Walls intensifies the experience. An audience of over 1000 is anticipated by the City of Miami Beach for this free feature performance funded in part by the city and Miami-Dade County.

“This is the beginning of a new wave of consciousness in my work as a creator and a social change agent, with inspiration, humanity, realness and community as its core,” says Campos. “This is so much bigger than any of us,” commented Delgado, after completing days of filming and editing, adding “This project had me at hello.” Leo Casino, Miami’s iconic contemporary jazz saxophonist, who is also a featured interviewee in the film says, “We all just need to learn to love, it’s a beautiful thing.” Casino, who has called Miami home since the early 1960s, will perform at the event. “Searching for and finding so many people who were willing to share their often horrifying, yet amazingly inspiring stories, was eye opening,” says Penn. “Socially Conscious Performance Work” is what Camposition is calling this new genre.

Camposition Inc. is an iconoclastic arts organization dedicated to new work that pushes the boundary between contemporary performance and activism. Camposition creates subversive entertainment intended to challenge assumptions and shake up the status quo challenging both artists and audiences with new ways of seeing, representing and responding to contemporary life. Camposition’s programs are generously supported by Miami-Dade County Cultural Affairs Council; with the support of the City of Miami Beach Department of Tourism and Cultural Development, Office of Cultural Affairs, and the Miami Beach Mayor and City Commissioners; National Performance Network; Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts; Florida Arts Council; DeVos Institute/Kennedy Center; The Florida Dance Association; The Playground Theatre; Anchor Arts Management and private philanthropy.

Please Don’t Hate Me is a series of transdisciplinary performances and events conceived by dance theater artist Octavio Campos and Camposition. Inspired by the hate that rips at the fabric of homes, communities and the world, each performance will point to exquisitely artistic, yet provocative, solutions – expressed by a mash up of Miami-centric dance theater productions and site-specific performance installations. The intent of PDHM is for its resulting artworks to promote unity in South Florida by transforming INTOLERANCE into ACCEPTANCE and to challenge EVERYBODY to find the ACTIONIST within themselves to create a catalyst for social change.

The following local South Florida residents were interviewed for INTENTION INTERVENTION and will be the subjects of a series of documentary short films released in months to come by the PDHM campaign. Actionists include: Bambi Anderson; Marleine Bastién; Wilbertine Berkley; Leo Casino; Renee Chavez; Jessica Chiappone; Dr. Juan M. Clark; Luigi Collana; Houston Cypress; Alexander Febres; Gabriel Garcia-Vera; Joffre Goya; Kerry Gruson; Rabia Kahn; `Isaak “Ladislav” Klein; Demian Laudisio; Jamesly Louis; Dr. Magaly Mauer; Pastor Chris McNeil; Desmond Meade; Maria HIV Mejia; Christophe’ Moore; John Muir; Badara “Badou” Nadiaye; Father Patrick O’Neill; Patricia O’Reilly; Jeanine Petro; Nickolas A. Roldan; Rabbi Solomon Schiff; Herb Sosa; Captain Rick Wierzbicki.

In addition to the above Interviewees, this Film is Dedicated to tireless Actionists who originally inspired the PDHM Campaign: The Management, Helpline Counselors, Staff and Volunteers at Switchboard of Miami who have been answering Miami-Dade County’s 305-358-HELP crisis intervention calls since 1968.

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