Audrey Love Gallery Me Too All the Same 10/14/11

Audrey Love Gallery: ME TOO: All the same
October 14th, 7-10pm
Bakehouse Art Complex
561 NW 32nd Street
Miami, FL 33127

Produced by St. Thomas University Graduate Students
The artists will be creating self-portraits that reveal a side of themselves that they seldom show to society. The concept behind this self-portrait is that in our day to day lives, as we interact with the rest of society, there is a side of ourselves that we suppress because we have been conditioned to think that this side of ourselves is somehow unacceptable or not mainstream. As humans, we have more in common than not, and this exhibition will help guests explore the connection of their hidden selves with the artist’s through these revealing self-portraits.

Exhibiting Artists: Jaime Angula, Olivier Casse, Silvana D’Mikos, Marcelo Daldoce, Irena Gapkovska , Juan Griego, Tracey Hagen, Colleen Kelley, Deborah Mitchell, Nicholas Nehaniv, Gustavo Oviedo, Hugo Patao, Russ Ronat, Carrie Sieh, Donna Lee Steffens & William Vallenilla

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