downtown Full Moon party 10/14/11

downtown FULL MOON party
October 14, 2011, 9p – 3a
Tobacco Road
626 S. Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33130
$5 Admission – Street and Valet Parking Available

Miami Moondance presents “downtown Full Moon party”
A monthly spiritual gathering infused with high-energy entertainment…

Live Music by the band: Free Like Me
Eclectic Sounds by Deejays: Umber Bandi-Ville
Lead Drummer: Esteban Camacho aka Mr. Bongoman
Free Flamenco Class (9 – 10pm… Be there early!)

More… More… More…
AcroYoga :: Fire Performers :: Hoola Hoop :: Belly Dancers :: Henna Tattoo :: Tarot Readers :: Drum Circle (Bring your drums if you have any; Drumming starts at 10pm) :: Tasty and healthy Food :: Cocktails :: Massage :: and Much more…

Dresscode: We strongly encourage everyone to dress Creatively and Outrageous!
(Costumes are very welcomed and admired…)

Call To Drummers / Performers:
We have an Open House policy for performers and drummers… If you want to bring your props to perform and show your talents, you are invited to do so. We also invite all drummers to bring their drums to join in our Drumming Sessions and Let Your Beats Be Heard!

Hosted By: Fritz “e”, Gary James Fitzsimmons; Tracie Samara; Sol Amor, Oscar Vidal

Top 10 Recommendations For the “downtown FULL MOON party”
10. Wear comfortable shoes… You will most likely find the rhythm traveling from your head through your soul to your dancing feet.
9. Dress Creatively… Hmmm, this field here is wide open. As implied, use your creativity and step outside of the box! Let’s just say that most of you would need to dig deep in your closet for the most outrageous outfits that you can find, or simply opt to go and shop at a specialty store; Ah, here’s a clue: Think Burning Man!
8. Hula Hoopers… Get two thumbs up! Not only will you get a great mid-section workout by the end of the night, but you will also look very sexy doing it!
7. Drums, Drums, and more Drums… Can’t have enough of them! Bring your drums and let your beats be heard! We invite you to join our drum session which officially kicks off at midnight until your hands cry “No mas!”
6. Got Talent??? This ain’t “America Got Talent”. It’s better than that! In this case, you won’t vie for Fame and Fortune, but instead you are guaranteed happiness and contentment; our continuous quest in life… So, bring your props and come to show everyone what makes you happy and all the while bringing them joy in return.
5. Feeling Knotty? How about a massage… Relax and let our massage therapists give you an ultimate “feel good” back/neck rub to enhance all your senses.
4. Live Music… This month, we are so blessed to have one of Miami’s most prolific bands “Free Like Me” performing at the “downtown FULL MOON party”. As stated on their website: “Free Like Me will take you on a journey of World-Gypsy “rootsy”, acoustic, funconscious sounds! Come to one of their shows to experience their high-energy rhythms, powerful vocals and lyrics, and mesmerizing fire-dancing! Their shows create an environment.”
3. Invite your friends… Repeat, invite your friends!!! Well, it’s simple really! You already know that your friends will have a good time and thank you countless time for inviting them to this awesome party. Now, all you will have to say afterwards is “You owe me one!” But Seriously, we’d greatly appreciate it, if you could buzzz the word about the “downtown FULL MOON party”.
2. Get there early… Not only the “Early birds get the worms”, they also get to Flamenco Dance. We are offering a free Flamenco class followed by a Flamenco routine performed by a couple of top Miami Flamenco dancers. Anyone can participate in the class. You just need to be there early and “Ole!!!”
1. Don’t miss it… As in, if you are not there, you will be missing on the fun and will have to wait another entire month before our next Full Moon event. Come get your spiritual fix!

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