Halloween Fright Nights at The South Florida Fairgrounds 10/13-29/11

Better Tighten Your Belts South Florida, We’re Getting Ready To Scare The Pants Off You!
Thursday, October 13 through Saturday, October 15
October 20-22 & 27-29
Thursdays: 6pm-11pm
Fridays & Saturdays: 6pm-Midnight
The South Florida Fairgrounds
9067 Southern Blvd
West Palm Beach
Florida 33411

Total Terror Ticket: $20.00/Advance
$25.00/after October 12th
Admission to Park + one-time entry to each of the three Haunted Attractions and Unlimited Monster Midway Rides.

General Admission: $10.00/Advance
$15.00/after October 12th
Admission to Park + one-time entry to each of the three Haunted Attractions. (Midway Rides Not Included)

Additional Haunts and Ride tickets can be purchased inside at Ticket Booths.

Advance discount tickets available NOW online at www.frightnights.net

Regular priced tickets will be available nightly at the door and online after October 12th. Tickets subject to applicable service charges.

Fright Nights Returns To The South Florida Fairgrounds With 3 Totally Terrifying Haunts And 3 Special All New Scare Zones! Plus Exciting Midway Rides And More!

Fright Nights, the scariest Halloween phenomenon ever, returns to the South Florida Fairgrounds in West Palm Beach. This year’s terror-full attraction kicks off Thursday, October 13th and has been redesigned to be scarier than ever before! Advance discount tickets are available now through October 12th online at www.frightnights.net.

The Largest Haunted Attraction In South Florida! Including 3 Horrifying Haunts Totally Redesigned For Maximum Terror!

Before modern day Baton Rouge was settled, the swampy lands of the area were home to many gypsies, witches and priests. The society was steeped in tribal culture and practiced the dark arts to achieve immortality, power and balance. Take a step through the trails, villages and many shrines of HEX. You will experience sadistic rituals, lost innocence and the ultimate sacrifice . . . your soul!

Your childhood fears are real. The toy box if full of bad intentions. An army of FREAKERS is pouring out from under your bed, your closets, the basement and filling the streets of your neighborhood. Nowhere is safe. You cannot hide from your fears. They know everything about you, because you helped to create them. Roam the hallways of the old house you grew up in and slip into dark corners of your imagination, where there is always something evil lurking just around the corner.

At the home for the criminally insane, what happens when the patients take over the asylum? IN the spring of 1933, the staff of HOLLOW HILL found out just that! After enduring much torture and starvation during a long and brutally cold winter in the drafty halls and chambers of the Asylum, the “residents” rose up and murdered most of the Doctors, Nurses and Security on staff. Though these maniacs had gained a level of freedom, the building was completely locked and sealed. With food supplies running short, the madness increased as the patients turned to cannibalism and violence towards each other and the few remaining “outsiders!”

And Now 3 All New “Designed To Terrify” Scare Zones!
Lv13, The Scrapyard And Infected Will Bring New Horrors Guaranteed To Heighten Your Fright Quotient!

Plus… Monster Midway Rides, Games & more!
From a monster midway with thrilling rides and challenging games to a delicious food pavilion, at Fright Nights we are dedicated to making sure you enjoy your visit. We pay close attention to artistic detail in our sets and concentrate on the best ways to get a rise out of you. There is always the chance that you may come face to face with some of your deepest fears. So, keep checking over your shoulder…who knows what may lurk in the shadows?

This event contains special effects, dark places, strobe and other lighting, loud noises, gruesome makeup and other disturbing images. Patrons are advised to make intelligent decisions regarding attendance for themselves and their families to each attraction, however if you are pregnant, suffer from back or neck problems, heart conditions or seizure disorder, extra consideration is advised. All attractions are designed to scare, frighten, shock, startle, cause excessive perspiration, nervousness and panic. It is recommended that children under 12 do not enter these attractions. You have been advised!

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