Fetish Factory Halloween Fetish Ball 10/29/11

FF’s Halloween Fetish Ball
Saturday, October 29
Exit 66
Fort Lauderdale Beach.
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Don’t forget to pick up tickets to the single-largest fetish party of the whole year!
Tickets are on sale now at the Fetish Factory showroom or online ($25) or you can pick yours up at the door for full price ($30).

Exit 66 is a gigantic, spacious venue with several different zones for you to explore throughout the night. Each will have its own unique DJs, vibe and decor.
We expect a fantastic turnout. Exit 66 is a monster venue that can handle our massive crowd. We assure you it will be very comfortable with plenty of space for all of our guests to enjoy themselves all night long. Exit 66 also stays open until 4am with a full liquor bar all night.

With world-class performances, lights, sound, and a strict masquerade / fetish dress code, FF’s Halloween Fetish Ball has been known to draw energetic crowds of 2,000+ each year. People travel in from all corners of the state, the US and even the world for this internationally acclaimed event.

We’re loading the night with world-class performers, DJs, dancers and more. There will be no shortage of eye-candy and entertainment on this unforgettable night.

Table Reservations
Limited table reservations with bottle service are still available for Halloween but they won’t last long. Exit 66 has the very best service & table areas of any of the clubs at which we’ve held events.

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