Tobacco Road Annual Labor Day Biggest Slacker Challenge 9/3/11

Saturday, Sept 3rd, 6pm
Tobacco Road
626 South Miami Ave

Brickell Brewmasters and Food Truck Rally — Labor Day Weekend!

“Tobacco Road’s Annual no-Labor, Labor Day Biggest Slacker Challenge”

Are you the best at sitting around drinking beer and doing nothing???
Show off your skills this Saturday Night at the “Brickel Brewmasters Beer & Food Truck Fest” as we search for the biggest slacker!

Enter for $15, take a seat and Labor no more! Just have some beers on us (or water) and see which Biggest Slacker can sit there the longest (yes, without getting up… for anything!)

The last man, or women standing, (actually sitting) will win a days pay from Tobacco Road! Yup, you can call out sick, slack some more, and the Road will pay your salary for the day!

Come pull up a chair!

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