MANIFESTATIONS – Gross and Holmes Let Art Manifest Itself Opening Reception 9/3/11

MANIFESTATIONS – Gross and Holmes Let Art Manifest Itself
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 3rd 7pm-11pm
Barry Gross Gallery
3335 NE32nd Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

September 3-26, 2011

Painter Barry Gross and photographer Adela Holmes have collaborated to showcase their elaborate collections under the title “Manifestations”. Both, Gross and Holmes have selected works to show a wide range of different styles and techniques, something an art advisor would probably never recommend. It the art world it is essential for an artist to stick to a certain look or style in order to be recognized. In this show Gross and Holmes defy these limitations and show off their talents by displaying a wide range of styles and techniques. The reason for it could easily be misunderstood as showing off or telling the art world off. But it is much deeper than that. It is about the essence of the subject being immortalized in their art. The truth of the subject that is not imposed on by the artist, instead the artists let the subject be what it is; let is manifest itself. This approach to art is pure, it is untouched by trends thus it’s timeless and limitless. It is not made to attract a certain group or clientele; it has no target except for showing the essence of truth.

In the case of Adela Holmes, who is showing photography ranging from a cow in a field to a mysterious under water series titled “Sea of Love”; one being a very traditional black and white photograph and the other, a painterly abstraction showing movement. Two completely different styles but even though the photographic executions result in such different looks there is a feeling that bring all the works by Holmes to a common ground. One realizes the energy of the artist in all of her photographs. The common ground is silence, isolation, a very peaceful feeling, and in a way, darkness and beauty at the same time.

Barry Gross on the other hand, who has painted in oil for over 30 years, has an enormous range on canvas and paper. Gross builds up his canvas with oils and textures usually created by sand but he never knows what is going to happen and what the end result will look like. The marks from the textures and the different mediums dictate the progression and emphasize the end product. When one examines his paintings and drawings, one can feel the energy. They seem alive evoking our emotional instincts. For Gross it is important to create from the gut as it is for Holmes. Both artists are intuitive. “An artist becomes a real artist when he or she lets the true genius of the inner child continually be reborn” says Gross , “There is a mystery that consumes art and it’s not about what art is , it’s about what infiltrates the artists soul to provoke him or her to step beyond the boundaries and leave requirements in the dust.”

Another interesting aspect of this show is the price range. $20-$75,000. Yes it might sound a bit ridiculous but again it shows that these two artists are not catering to a particular audience. They just do their art worriless from the pressures of today’s complicated marketing strategies that so many artists suffer from.
Reception is on Saturday, September 3, 7-11pm at the Barry Gross Gallery, 3335 NE 32nd Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL. The show runs through September 23. For more information on the artists you can visit and

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