Photographs of Tasting Extravaganza of Segafredo’s Newest Drinks on 8/15/11

Tasting Extravaganza of Segafredo’s Newest Drinks on Monday, August 15, 2011.  Oh my gosh I love Segafred0’s on Lincoln Road newest drinks they were amazing.  The introduced 6 nw new drinks: Coconut Martini, Or-G Martini, Brazilian Martini, Choco-Nutella Martini, Pisco Peach Martini and Caprese Swirl.I have to say out of the sixI had three favorites: Choco=-Nutella Martini, who would not love a martini made with liquefied Nutella, Pisco Peach Martini, I love spicy and this martini has 5 drops of Tabasco so Yummy, and to my surprise the Caprese Swirl, with the Basil, Strawberry, Balsamic Vinegar and Vanilla Ice Cream, it was amazing, not to sweet and really great.

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Video by Segafredo via Miamification:
[tubepress video=”Rv7FozMslEg”]

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