Moksha Roots Live 8/19/11

Moksha Roots Live
August 19th, 2011, 10pm
7th Circuit Studios
229 NE 59th St. Miami, FL 33136

Show begins @ 10:00pm-3:00am ($10.00) 18+Over
The Moksha Gallery, Moksha boutique and Pleaidian Lounge will be open from ~ 6:00pm-10:00pm (free)

The party continues the third Friday of each month as 7th Circuit Productions and Moksha Family Arts Collective presents Moksha Roots Live also in part by Artist for Community Evolution. The after party for The Rhythm Foundation’s ~ Big Nights in Little Haiti. This month on August 19th we are featuring the gallery, live music, D.J.’s, performances, live painting, and vendors. The Moksha Family Artist Collective is a non-profit organization all funds go to support our local artists and community projects. Come and enjoy this evening of good vibes and amazing energy, while supporting the Moksha movement and keeping the vision alive.

August 19th Entertainers:

~Ragamuffin Soldier~
While touring with I-tal USA in Jamaica the locals addressed him as “ragamuffin soldier” after seeing him perform. The name stuck in Tony Moore’s mind and the rest is history. The band has been blessed with many talented players from all over the world. The present band includes a new lineup of seasoned reggae musicians, with his lead guitarist, Sean Edelson, who have brought to life old Raga favorites and new music “inna gypsy style.”
With Special Guest
~Marcia J. Ball~
The beginning of a new era for Marcia J. Ball was being recognized as she became one of Marcia Griffiths’ background vocalist. She has shared the stage and did background recordings for Beres Hammond, Judy Mowatt, Dean Frazier, Glen Washington and for the great ones such as: Bob Marley, Dennis Brown. After her first album in 1990 she has since then released “Right on time” in 2004 , “Choices and Changes” in 2006 and at this present time, singles after singles are coming out and her latest album Marcia “Unveiled” of 2011. Presently Marcia’s music is being heard as far as West Africa, Europe, Asia and beyond.

~Moksha Family Roots Collective~
The Moksha Family Roots Collective band is a constant rotation of Miami’s finest roots and world music musicians with international guests. Our Special guest musicians all unite to deliver an eclectic Jam. This allstar group will feature :

~ Bagga Traxx ~ Harry Lecounte, Ryan Baker ~ Rene Bailey
Special Guests
~Don Sha ~
Miami’s Reggae Don. Featured in the CBS National & So. Fla. commercial for the new ‘Hawaii Five-O’. Also this upcoming reggae star is a recipient of the Qool award for best reggae in South Florida.
~Ras Abuna~
Recording artist with Ras-I label, this reggae artist is unique to them all with his operatic vocals and reggae beats. He has performed in NY, and throughout all of Florida.
~Sofy Encanto(Elastic Bond) ~ Andres Ponce(Elastic Bond) ~ Buffalo Brown(Elastic Bond) ~ El David Burgos(Elastic Bond)
You never know who may step on stage and join the jam!!

~The ancient order of the Nyahbingi ~
The congregation members of the Rastafarian church of music come together to perform rituals of drumming and chanting to express the heartbeat of reggae.

Special Guest~DJ Tom Laroc~
DJ Tom Laroc’s musical format of R&B/Hip-Hop, Soul, and Reggae artists combined with his sheer originality make him continuously sought after to spin at leading nightclubs in Miami, New York, Los Angeles.

~DJ Moses~
DJ Moses opens the door to authentic high quality world music and invites you in to discover how glorious, diverse and deep music can be. The African continent, Jamaica, Haiti, Brazil, the U.S. and Latin America are all represented in his selections.

~Eva Ruiz~ Art and Live painting
Creation is a moment of infinity fueled by imagination, dreams and solitude. This freedom has captivated me. My work is focused on love and change. Spirals, smiles and colors inspired by little intricacies we find, I choose to see the beauty around us, we must acknowledge it and share it. Change doesn’t happen by it self, we must bring it.

~Tribe of the red moon~ Performances
Actor, singer, dancer, choreographer, director, and circustician; Lucky Bruno, Tribe of the Red Moon, has been part of Moksha Family for the past 8 years performing eccentric, innovative, and other worldly performances. During his performances he aims to create a sense of global circus hysteria, with the extreme hope of touching and captivating his audiences with joy and inspiration.

~V.J. Care ~
Environmental light wizard aka VJ CARE is a south Florida multi-media artist originally from Seattle, Wa. Transforming the physical space to support the experience, her vision is to create multi-sensory experiences that connect, inspire & engage.

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