August Full MooN Meditation on the beach with Ash Ruiz 8/13/11

August Full MooN Meditation on the beach with Ash Ruiz
Saturday, Aug 13, 2011, 8:00 pm
Beach at 3rd Street
250 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach

Beach Yoga at 3rd Street Special Event:

Share with us amazing experience of the Full MooN Meditation on the beach at 3rd street. Meditation will be guided by Ash Ruiz of Here II Here.
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Donation of $5 will benefit Beach Yoga at 3rd St.

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Reclaim Your Right To Slow Down.
To pause for a moment and give thanks for many blessings. All under the light of our beautiful Moon.

Ash Ruiz of Here II Here, our beloved Miami-based, internationally-touring conscious music band, brings a message of unconditional, ever-present love to the world through his music and community gatherings in truth.

In beautiful harmony with his belief that “Peace and Love are closer than anyone could ever think,” Ash playfully, sensually guides our attention to the vast presence of pure awareness and wondrously infinite well-being available in every aspect of our lives and our world. Discover and awaken, in the joy of community, to our timeless spiritual essence, without borders or limits, in a field beyond the incessant, suffering mind.

The Full Moon evenings are called ‘moments of opportunity’. This opportunity is a moment of regeneration, a moment in which You can change all your being, release obstacles, contact your lost vision or create a new, greater one.
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The mission of Beach Yoga at 3rd St is to make the Yoga practice available to everyone by offering 2 daily classes on the beach – thus encouraging and creating a healthier, more loving and peaceful lifestyle and community.

This nonprofit project started 12 years ago by October Rose. Since then, it has offered thousands of classes exposing countless individuals to the timeless mind-body-breath practice of Yoga. Beach Yoga at 3rd Street is a group of yoga teachers and yoga enthusiasts who are offering this service on a non-profit basis.

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