Downtown Jazz Series and Miami Tower Film Series Presents Prom Night in Mississippi 8/9/11

Downtown Jazz Series and Miami Tower Film Series Presents Prom Night in Mississippi
Tuesday, 8/9/11, 6:00 pm
Miami Tower, 100 SE 2nd Street
Miami, FL 33131
Free Admission
Film Series: 19th Floor Auditorium
5 – 6 pm – Reception/Free food platter/Cash bar and snacks
Jazz Series: 11th Floor Sky Lounge
6 – 10 pm –Cash bar and Food
Miami Tower, Sky Lounge, Miami Jazz Society and Community Cultural Discovery Exchange present 2011 Downtown Jazz Series Miami Tower Film Series Community Building and Education Series
In 1997, Academy Award winning actor, Morgan Freeman, who lives in the Charleston, Mississippi community, offered to fund the first-ever integrated Senior Prom in the history of Charleston’s one high school. His offer was ignored. In 2008, Morgan offered again… the East Tallahatchie County School Board accepted. In this town of 2,300 people, its high school of 415 black and white students has, to this day, always had separate proms: one black, one white prom. Our film follows the Charleston High senior class of 2008 preparing and attending their historic, first integrated prom, in the context of strong emotions, traditions, and conflict inherent in race relations in the community, and in the deep south. Some of the white parents maintained their whites-only prom. (Documentary)

Tuesday, 8/9/11, 8:15 pm
With All Deliberate Speed
Documentary filmmaker Peter Gilbert unearths the legacy of the landmark Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education — where it was ruled that “in the field of public education, the doctrine of ‘separate but equal’ has no place” — via never-before-heard stories from people directly responsible for, and greatly affected by, the original case. (Documentary/History)

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