The Loft in Coconut Grove celebrated a Wine Tasting with YR Couture By Betty Alvarez

On July 29, The Loft in Coconut Grove, a Fashion, gift boutique, wine and Tobacco Shop as well as event destination held a wine tasting where the wines came from Europe, South America and included a distinctive selection from special wineries. Some of the wines that was tasted were Chateau De Rontets, Poully-Fuisse from Fuisse, France; Las Nencias, Malbec, Reserve from Mendoza, Argentina; and Auka Cabernet Sauvignon from Mendoza, Argentina.

The Loft is the fashion house of YR Couture and features a wonderful line of semi precious Jewelry designed by owner/designer Yvonne Rosemeier. Ms. Rosemeier is also the owner of The Loft.

The Loft is located on 3190A Commodore Plaza. For more information on either The Loft or YR Couture please visit and

Photographs by Betty Alvarez copyright 2011

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