Mercedes Fashion Week celebrated with Fashion from Dolores Cortes By Betty Alvarez

Dolores Cortés is a leading European swimwear company with more than 50 years experience in the swimsuit fashion sector and was one of the first companies created in Spain dedicated to swimsuit fashion.

The design team, led by designer Dolores Cortés, uses the latest technology and is permanently in contact with the most diverse fashion tendencies, which allows it to offer to the market strikingly unique collections.

Pattern requirements are very exacting and all garments in the collections are fitted to the different sizes individually.

The company uses the latest technology in pattern making, automatic cutting and sewing. All this, together with the high qualifications of its personnel, allows the company to guarantee product quality.

In addition, demands on suppliers, both of fabrics and notions and finished garments, are high. Long-lasting relationships are always based on mutual trust and respect and on fulfilling the agreements reached.

The quality control department is made up of highly experienced people who know the product and are capable of detecting and correcting the problems that may arise.

The company’s excellent logistics allow the products to be readily available and get to customers on time.

Personalized attention to customers and suppliers, as well as good relations with employees, is a fundamental part of the philosophy of the company.

Respect for the environment and for the health and well-being of our buyers led the company, more than 10 years ago, to obtain the Oeko-Tex accreditation.

Dolores Cortés markets her creations through several channels:
Her own name stores and exclusive agreements with franchised retailers. There are over 20 exclusive sales locations of this kind.

Direct sales in department stores. There are currently over 70 points of direct sales in some prestigious department store chains in Spain, Portugal and Mexico.

Sales to multi-brand retail shops. There are almost one thousand in Spain and in other countries.

Exclusive distributors in different countries in the world.

On-line sales:

Sales of her products in different countries: USA, Spain, France, Portugal, Andorra, Italy, United Kingdom, Mexico, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, France and Caribbean.

Photographs by Betty Alvarez copyright 2011

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