Photographs of the Opening Launch of Design House at Novecento on 5/26/11

Opening Launch of Design House at Novecento on Thursday, May 26, 2011.  They were taking donations and raffle to benefit The Coral Gables Museum.

As described by the founders, Designhouse is a boutique web, print, and brand design agency. When asked about their new venture, they both smiled and responded:  If you can dream it, we can create it.  Websites, logos, e-marketing, and branding are attacked with a holistic approach to give their clients a leg above the competition. This one-two punch power house design team takes pride in offering clients the personal touch which is what they feel has been missing in the creative world for a long while.The like-minded professionals met, and felt there was a void in the business community. They noticed growing changes and needs in the marketplace as well as a rising trend, a preference for working with boutique firms and local based ones more often times than not. The reason given by proprietors was simple, to get the service that was once paramount in a relationship with an agency but somehow lost during the last few years. Gretel Vi as and Liz Rodriguez felt they had the perfect recipe as they both poses mind blowing talent combined with easy going personalities that fit the boutique style of business.

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