Miami Dade College Opens State-of-the-Art, Green Culinary Institute 4/14/11

Thursday, April 14, 11:30 a.m. (Tours will start at 10 a.m.)
Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus
415 NE Second Ave. (between Fourth and Fifth Street)
Building 6

The face of Miami’s culinary scene will forever change when Miami Dade College (MDC) opens the doors of its new, state-of-the-art Miami Culinary Institute building at 11:30 a.m., Thursday, April 14. The ceremony to celebrate the building’s completion and official opening will include tours, food tastings, music and much more. The Miami Culinary Institute is the only public program of its kind in the region.

With the aim of serving up food, culture and innovation, MDC’s Miami Culinary Institute is the college’s breakthrough recipe for culinary excellence in the 21st century. With a 50-year history of working with industry and setting the bar high for corporate training and development, MDC has created the Institute to ensure the industry has a steady pool of qualified and highly trained employees.

The Institute will offer students a chance to learn from the world’s top professional chefs as they learn hands-on, sustainable, innovative techniques. The curriculum will realistically prepare students for the needs and expectations of the culinary industry while arming them with the knowledge to evolve the world’s food culture.

The MDC School of Culinary Arts will have three main components – a 64-credit Associate in Science in Culinary Arts degree, continuing education for culinary professionals, and a food and beverage enthusiast education program. Courses, programs and even the building will be rooted in sustainability and eco-culinary approaches.

The new building, for which the college is seeking LEED certification, features general kitchen labs, a baking lab, a food and beverage theatre, a first floor bakery and café and other amenities to enrich the students’ experience and the community’s involvement.

For more information on the Miami Culinary Institute, please call 305-237-3276 or visit

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