Romantisme Hebraique 4/14/11

Romantisme Hebraique
Thursday, April 14th at 7.30pm
Temple Emanu-El
1701 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach

French and Yiddish Works
Length of program: 1h05 of music

$18 for general admission, $15 for AF and Temple Emanu-El members
Pre-sale @ the Alliance Francaise and at Temple Emanu-el

Hebrew Melodies of the Romantic Era presents the rarely played but rich tradition of Eastern European Jewish music.
Isabelle Durin and Michaël Ertzcheid seek to preserve the voice of the Jewish shtetl and compile compositions from across Europe and Russia; yiddish songs, liturgical music and Hassidic dance tunes are integrated with Western composition traditions (Hector Berliow, Camille Saint-Saëns . Claude Debussy etc…). As musicians, Durin and Ertzscheid convey a powerful and evocative message.
They play with a firm understanding of the traditions for which they speak, incorporating bent notes and quarter tones characteristic of Eastern European music.
If Durin and Ertzscheid’s desire is to include an authentic Jewish voice in the classical Western canon, they fall short of their goal. They convincingly and beautifully capture the voice of suffering and tragedy that so frequently is the tale of the Jews. The result of this is music that is as intense and heartwrenching as the Jewish experience itself.

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