CANDO Arts Co Op members Only Show Opening Night 4/1/11

April 1st from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Cando Arts Co –op Gallery
309 23rd St. Miami Beach, Fl 33139
( one block west of Collins Ave.)

The “Members Only” show is the first time this year Cando Arts will be exhibiting resident artist works to the public. The exhibit will run from March 25th to April 17, 2011. The opening reception is on April 1st from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm with a special preview on March 25th from 6:00pm to 8:00 pm. Works included will address a range of topics from beauty, nonmaterial desires, transformation, the unconscious, commentary on waste, identity, and ecology. This show will be showcasing the core values of these artists and there will be something for everyone in this wonderful and thoughtful show. Works will include the current resident artists and 2 new resident artists Luis Valle and Sri Prabha.

Artists to show are Alissa Christine’s work known for capturing the true essence of beauty by a fusion of photography, lighting, movement, painting, sculpture, and display. Annfaye Poole’s sculptures of clay, glass, and metal that explore the nonmaterial transcendent desires bound to the material. Augusto Esquivel’s work known for transforming simple buttons into it’s greatest potential of being a unique sculptural entity. Janet M. Mueller’s work known for painting messages in abstract images with a brush and garden hose, and 3-dimensional works made with found objects. Julio Green’s abstractions that evolve from everyday objects or situations expressed into forms and colors on canvas.

Lucinda Linderman’s work focusing on upcycling the waste consumer goods creates, into sculpture by twisting and heat fusing plastic and printing with worm castings on handmade paper. Sid Daniels’ work about mortality, sexual identity, social anxiety, social hang-ups, sexual paranoia, and past taboos with references to advertising, fashion, and entertainment. Sri Prabha’s works that simultaneously convey the conflicting forces and processes that create and alter the natural world yet are often hidden from the human eye. Luis Valle’s work of continuous self-discovery including his origins, nationality, race, spirituality, psyche and purpose.

CANDO Arts Coop is a contemporary Art Center in Miami Beach that was founded by Ray Breslin, president of Collins Park Neighborhood Association (CPNA) in November, 2009. CANDO, which stands for Cultural Arts Neighborhood Districts Overlay, is in the Collins Park neighborhood. The thought-provoking work of resident and guest artists is showcased in 5000 square feet of gallery space. The historic building, known as Palm Court, is a work of art in itself, with archways framing tall display windows. Having been previously occupied by the W Hotel’s administrative offices, the gallery’s interior is impeccably designed. Over a dozen professional artists display their work in sections of the contemporary atmosphere. The center space is used for special exhibits.

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