What’s With The Dummy? Premiering at Cosford Cinema 12/15/10

DECEMBER 15, Doors open at 7PM
The Bill Cosford Cinema
located in the University of Miami Memorial Building
for directions (http://com.miami.edu/cosford/directions.php)
Admission is Free for humans and puppets of all ages!
Refreshments and free yucks will be served!
Meet the Cast and Filmmakers! (Q/A to follow the screening)

Hear ye! Hear ye!

If you’ve received this message, you are a member of an elite inner-sanctum privy to an event that will surely rock the foundations of cinema history! You are cordially invited to a premier act of vaudevillian hilarity, a Homeric epic of puppet proportions! Prepare to set the town ablaze with laughter and talk of actors whose performances will be sung about for ages to come and filmmakers whose craft will be extolled by academics in the hallowed halls of our greatest institutions of higher learning!

For December 15, 2010 A.D. will mark the premiere screening of “WHAT’S WITH THE DUMMY?” starring radio’s Ken Martin (of WTMI fame), his wooden cohort, Lenny Schpilkus (as himself), the enchanting Judy Mendelsohn (of The John Branzer Big Band), the commanding Joe J. Cassara (of WDNA), multi-talented legal eagle Brian S. Jacobson, Esq., and introducing the adorable young ingenue, Nya A. Jacobson. The film is a 30-minute short from the fractured fantasies of director, Eduardo Miyar (Kindergoblins), who wrote the picture along with his frequent co-conspirator, Bob Jannotti (Walkie Talkie). It also features a lush and anarchic original score by Kathryn O’Donnell Miyar (Kindergoblins), who had the gall to “klezmerfy” Mozart!

Help Send Lenny Around the World Special Edition DVD copies available at event (Sorry, Cash only)

Runtime: 30 minutes
SYNOPSIS: Harold (Ken Martin) is a former radio show host in his eighties not quite ready for his star to wane. Though the station he helped build has long since moved on without him in a new direction and with a new conservative talk show star (Joe J. Cassara), he’s secretly planning his big return to the airwaves. Despite the odds and the changing taste of the public, Harold is developing a ventriloquist act along with his dummy sidekick and best friend, Lenny Schpilkus (as himself), in the spirit of Charlie McCarthy and the golden age of radio. Meanwhile, Harold’s daughter, Eloise (Judy Mendelsohn), is growing concerned for her aging father who, in spite all his childlike enthusiasm, seems unable to care for himself and a little too attached to his puppet companion.

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