CCEMiami Mover la Roca / Move the boulder 12/2-5/10

Mover La Roca. Ccemiami During Art Basel
The Moore Space
4040 NE 2nd Avenue
Suite 200, Second Floor
Miami, FL 33137
Schedule: Dec 3-5, from 11.30 am to 9 pm
Opening: Thursday December 2, between 6 pm and 12 am
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Proposal by the CCEMiami during ART BASEL: exhibition by QUINTAPATA, contemporary Dominican artist association.

Works by Tony Capellán l Pascal Meccariello l Raquel Paiewonsky l Jorge Pineda l Belkis Ramírez
Curador/ Curator: Fernando Castro Flórez

“Mover la Roca” (Move the boulder) gathers the works of five Dominican visual artists who reflect on the social and cultural situation in their island using their artistic tools. These artists form Quintapata (Fifthleg) a collective which main concern is to protest on the lack of interest for contemporary art in this Caribbean country.

The starting point of “Mover la roca” comes from the book “Invitación a la Estética” by Pedro Mir. In this handbook on esthetics the artist is defined like the person who dares to catch the rock and move it fearless. There is also a mythological eco in this title pointing to the Sisyphus story: all these artists are engaged in an unending task to place in the art space the common reality of their country. All the pieces show different points of view about the reality of the island avoiding the topics of tourist propaganda.
These depictions of the reality of the island reflect on issues like the low level of public education, human trafficking, childhood abuse or prostitution.

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