Henry Stone Music Introduces the New Haitian Sensation – Willy S!

Announcing a BRAND NEW CD from Henry Stone Music!

Willy S

“Love Life And Politics”

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Willy S – These Flowers


“Love Life and Politics”
by Willy S – The Haitian Sensation

Willy Saintidor’s musical style is the result of a lifetime of struggle. A native of Haiti, Saintidor’s unique brand of soulful and rhythmic Reggae is expected to lure countless new fans from across the globe. Saintidor is quick to point out that while his music has been shaped by his own life experience, he has been inspired by the music of Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Peter Tosh and Lucky Dube, just to name a few. These artists not only succeeded on a universal scale, but they did it their way. Willy aspires to follow in the footsteps of these legends.

Willy Saintidor sings songs that are rhythmically beautiful, with profound thought provoking lyrics that speak about all issues that affect life. Willy S is truly the new Haitian Sensation!

Reggae Is Alive


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