Inspired by the Beat at Miami Art Center 9/30/10

Inspired by the Beat
September 30, 2010, 6:30
Art Exhibition Fundraiser
Miami Art Center
5950 SW 57th Ave
Coral Gables, FL

Carefully trained studio facilitators (“trackers”) act as neutral arms, executing the visions of the physically challenged through laser-guided tracking, a regimented line of questions, and other exacting technologies. The artists indicate their choices about what tools, materials, and textures to use and the placement of these on the canvas. The most subtle movements such as a blink or a nod that the tracker can read are all that is required, and the possibilities are endless. The trackers’ job is to follow the artist’s directions with absolute fidelity. This enabling system gives uncompromised creative self-expression to youth with the most severe physical challenges. Artists paint once weekly, free of charge, with a tracker at the CCT studio. Several times through out the year, artists congregate to work with professional artists critiquing pieces, interacting and questioning, gaining knowledge and refining their craftsmanship. The artwork produced is mainstreamed and exhibited alongside the work of other community artists. Pieces are not admired for the artist’s disability, rather, for the quality and depth of their work. Many are spectacular museum quality pieces. CCT-ART increases self-esteem and empowers the spirit. It provides a method of financial gain for the artists who exhibit and sell their work. Fifty percent of the proceeds from the sale of the art go directly to the artist and fifty percent goes to the cost of the program, for the employment of the TRACKER, supplies, materials and facility space. The power of ART is unleashed and the artists’ lives are enriched.

CCT’s vision is clear: providing children and their families the best opportunity to live fully and to lead healthy, active and independent lives enriched with quality, confidence and compassion. What differs is the approach we use to deliver these therapies. We strive to be able to offer the same quality opportunity to all our patients regardless of their economic status.

CCT/A.R.T. presents INSPIRED BY THE BEAT Please join us as we celebrate our 21 special artists and as they honor special guest artist “LEBO” with an evening full of art, music, entertainment, free valet parking, food and drinks.
$20 presale or $30 at the door. ALL proceeds are a donation to the A.R.T. program at CCT, a 501(c)(3) non profit dedicated to the lives of special need children!

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