CON-SCIENCE? Art Exhibition at Amy Alonso Gallery 8/27/10

CON-SCIENCE? – Art Exhibition
Opening reception: Friday, August 27, 2010
7pm to 11pm
Location: Amy Alonso Gallery
Address: 750 NE 124 Street, Suite 2, Moca Plaza, North Miami, FL 33161
From August 27 through September 15 – 2010
Admission: Free

Amy Alonso Gallery is pleased to present:
CON-SCIENCE? – Art Exhibition
Miami based artist, Carla Fache, inspirited by the dramatic oil spill consequences, present the CON-SCIENCE? – Art Exhibition, an artistic proposal that invites the viewers to re- think and connect the recent environmental events with our planet pulse.

CON-SCIENCE? – Art Exhibition explores the artist’s interpretation to the recent environmental events in the world, through the transformation of common recycled materials into something meaningful. Re- think and Re- use are the artist invitation to focus on the signs our earth is giving to shake our mind set, and reveal our bond with the universe.

The Florida oil spill effects, the recent earthquakes in Chile and Haiti, the mystery of the recent earth craters around the world, together with the possibility of not being alone in the universe, are some of the pieces Fache will present in this exhibition.

“It is about re-thinking, re- acting and re- living: Con-science, with or without our science, but definitely with our inner faith”. Carla Fache.

Extra extra!
CON-SCIENCE? – Art Exhibition is helping to save our planet! A percentage of the paintings sold in this exhibition will be donated to an Environmental organization.

Carla has developed her own language in painting, throughout the combination of color, textures, angles, energy and soul. Her work addresses mind, heart and the invisible to the senses through a lens of continuous vibrations exchange. Fache has been pouring her soul prolifically on canvas ever since and invites the viewer to enjoy the experience, feel the energy and see the beauty.

“…My imagination travels to non-existing dimensions that I best describe through a process of layering. When I paint, I feel as if I am hypnotized by colors and textures, all of which will create soft, thin layers that hide or reveal a mark of an unspoken feeling, emotion, or thought…” -Carla Fache

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