Juan BassHead & Mr. Feathers Birthday Extraveganza at The Vagabond 1/21/10

January 21, 2010 @ The Vagabond, Miami
The lovely people from (((SHAKE))) & BassHead Music team up for what can only be described as a ” momentous magical mystery birthday bass battle with a cherry on top that you can’t miss or you’ll cry about it until 2013″!
Celebrating the birthdays of 2 of Miami’s favorite Aquarians, Juan BassHead and Mr. Feathers.
The Vagabond’s Funktion-One sound system will be booming birthday bass that will hit the brown note if we’re lucky.

Music in the main room will be provided by:
Special Guest (Who may or may not be announced)
Trill Bass featuring mc Ricky Raw (Atlanta’s Trillest dj/mc combo)
DJ Wreck (Miami’s #1 Baja Panti Bass dj)
Disidente (Puerto Rico’s #1 Chupacabrastep dj)
MC Jumanji (Faux-hawk Rockin’ Roast Host)
and the birthday boys
Juan Basshead
Peasants With Feathers
plus surprise appearances and performances by a number of the sexiest humanoids, reptilians, refugees, dog-faced gremlins, and semi-celebrities from the Milky Way and Butterfinger galaxies.

The amazingly amazing (((SHAKE))) resident djs Doormouse, A-Train, Johnny Strokes, Ds + Alex Caso will be giving you hip hop, reggae, funk, rock, soul in the bar room and on the patio.

In addition to all the great music, we’re hosting a Roast for the birthday duo. There will possibly be open-mike slots available (time permitting), so if you are interested in giving either of the guests of honor a piece of your mind or professing your love, please let Juan, Peasants, or any of the (((SHAKE))) crew know. Bring the funny!

And to top it all off, Juan Basshead will be in the hot seat for a Live Head Shaving Ceremony. I mean, seriously, have you seen this guys muff? It’s majestic! We will be donating the shavings to Locks Of Love if they accept it, otherwise we’ll be auctioning it off on Ebay to cover his dj fee. Bids will start at $1,000,000.01.

There will also be a strip-off for cash & prizes during the dj sets if any ladies out there are game. Wishful thinking, I know…but hey, I had to put that out there. Women only, please!
Peasants with Feathers and Juan BassHead will be signing free autographs all night long!
Birthday gifts are welcome and encouraged.

RSVP to Shake305@gmail.com for Free entry before 11
$1 Colt 45 10-11, $5 Cuba Libre all night

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