Rob’s Redland Riot Road Rallye 1/9/10

{Soul Of Miami cannot recommend this high enough! This is such a great trip. The highlight for us has got to be the house-brand sauces at Robert Is Here. Fresh and spectacular. Even if you cannot make it for this one, they are well worth the drive. Robert is a great host and a lot of fun, so if you can make it, definitely do so.}

Fun in the countryside on January 9th

How about a leisurely drive through the Redland Rural Region? Here’s a chance to load up on some goodies. It’s a mad-capped adventure for treasure. It’s a family-friendly opportunity to spend some quality time together. It’s a fruity tropical history tour and a road rallye in one. It’s Rob’s Redland Riot Road Rallye.

Win prizes! Register your team for $5 and receive a sealed envelope with questions to be answered along the way. You’ll also receive coupons for more than $20 worth of savings on tropical shakes, jellies and jams, fresh baked goodies, orchids and more. The team with the most correct answers wins some great prizes.

Pass the word on to friends… Saturday, January 9th, starting at Cauley Square from 9am to noon, finishing at Schnebly Redland’s Winery at 5pm.

Get more information about this fun-filled event and pre-register now for Rob’s Redland Riot Road Rallye by visiting the web site. Print out the free map, check out the cool places along the way and mark your calendar for Saturday, January 9th.

hosted by Robert Burr

Visiting Cauley Square, Burr’s Berry Farm, Whitney’s Produce Market, Anderson’s Corner, Knaus Berry Farm, Fruit & Spice Park, Pioneer Guild Hall, R.F. Orchids, Redland Hotel, Florida Pioneer Museum, Robert Is Here and Schnebly Redland’s Winery.

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