Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts presents Carlos Betancourt Solo Exhibition Lapidus Infinitus 12/12/09

Carlos Betancourt. Solo Exhibition.
Lapidus Infinitus
In Betancourt’s most recent photographic artwork, the artist continues to assemble explosive compositions consisting of thousands of photographs of objects, people, flowers and other elements that occupy the superb glitzy realm of beauty for which he is known. The images appear in their full kitsch splendor, possessed by an enchanting light and seemingly crystallized by a magical sorcerer
In addition, there is a sprawling three-dimensional installation of multiple column pedestals, each supporting an accumulation of auspicious objects to be worshipped. A symmetrical assembly creates spaces for interaction within this fantastical world. As with the photographic compositions, this large-scale installation, Portrait of a Garden, iconizes these pop objects the artist has gifted with a unique sense of dignity.

PROJECT ROOM – Geo Graphic
A group exhibition brings together gallery and guest artists including Luis Alonzo Barkigia, John Bailly, Clifton Childree, Irene Clouthier, Felice Grodin, Jill Hotchkiss, Laura Kina, Alberto Latorre, Michael Loveland, Michael Scoggins, Carlos de Villasante, and Annie Wharton. Each artist is working with the same initial element, a world globe, and transforming it, thereby providing their own vision.
Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts
2043 N Miami Ave
Miami, Fl 33127
Gallery Night Reception Saturday Dec. 12, 7 – 10

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