Claudia Calle Studio Grand Opening 12/2-5/09

Art Basel Week 2009
Claudia Calle Studio Grand Opening
Winner of two honorific mentions in the 2009 International Photography Awards
December 2nd – December 5th
Miami based Colombian photographer and mix media artist Claudia Calle is getting ready to open her new studio in the Wynwood Art District (2722 NW 2 Ave) with a series of events that will run through out Art Basel week. The talented artist is being supported by distinguished sponsors like Fabrika Miami, Viewpoint Art, Iniciativa Colectiva, Groovalizacion Internet Radio, Don Q Rum, Aguila Beer, Pinord and Marquez d Vizhoja, among others.

Claudia will exhibit for the first time her latest collection “Republic of China”, where she portraits Chinese fascinating culture as well as its special socioeconomic reality. Claudia Calle enjoys experimenting with photography; painting and mixing elements over different and non – conventional materials and this technique is applied with perfection in this magnificent collection. The public will also be able to enjoy the series “Living in Silence” and “Between Frontier: The Longneck Story” which grant Claudia two honorable mentions in the 2009 International Photography Awards. The pieces were chosen among over 20,000 photography’s sent from all over the world.

The opening event will take place Wednesday, December 2nd from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. and the artist is extending a cordial invitation to friends, media and art lovers to come celebrate with her in this special night. The full schedule of events is posted at or

Claudia Calle is an eclectic artist who photographs by instinct capturing unusual moments and giving us genial art, reflect of her heightened life philosophy. She has a passion for traveling and capturing the lifestyle and culture of the places she visits and her work is the result of the fusion between spontaneity and a conscientious study of the social and cultural phenomenon that she perceives at her surroundings.

In her own words she explains “Through the creative process something wonderful happens. My mind, eyes, hands and spirit align and without premeditation, in a magical second, I capture the essence of the people and things that are in front of me. The final result is always perfect because it comes from a spontaneous act. I enjoy experimenting with photography, painting and mixing elements over different and non – conventional materials. In my work I use symbols as part of the human occultism with the purpose of spreading and protecting the truth.”

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