Limited Soul Of Miami Sponsorships Now Available

Soul Of Miami is now offering a limited number of sponsoships, five (5) total. Each sponsorship costs $250.00 per month and comes with the following features.

1) A special, permanent page, like this one, dedicated just to your business.
a. This page can contain any information, images, videos, or whatever else you like.
b. The URL for the page will be
c. It will contain links to your own webpage. It can be as long or as short as you like.
d. You have an unlimited number of images or videos allowed on the page.
e. This page increases the SEO for your business name and leads people to your own website.
f. Some ideas of what you might want to put on your personalized page: menu, coupon, business description, directions, daily/weekly specials, history, photos of your products, video commercials, funny videos, personnel profiles, press releases, press clippings, media coverage, awards
2) One of the sponsor buttons along the top of the site.
a. It is 156px wide by 50px tall.
b. It links to your special page listed above.
c. It can contain any text or image you like, though usually it will be the name of your business.
d. It identifies you as a Soul Of Miami sponsor.
3) A special press release post announcing your sponsorship of Soul Of Miami, to make sure that all our fans know you are now supporting one of their favorite sites.
4) Each of your regular event posts will get a custom Soul Of Miami Sponsor banner, like the one above, to make sure that everyone knows that is from a sponsor business.
5) You get a customized Soul Of Miami Sponsor button to place on your site (if you would like).

As a savvy marketer, you understand the benefit of supporting a popular local resource. By becoming a sponsor of Soul Of Miami, our fans see your business as keeping their site running. We encourage our fans to support our sponsors because what helps you helps us which helps them.

Payment is made through Paypal, by Paypal account or Credit Card. Listing starts as soon as payment is received. If you are interested, please contact us here.

{A note to our fans (and potential sponsors):
Please be aware that we are not going to change the way we do things around here in a way that will negatively impact you, our dedicated fanbase. We appreciate all the support you have given us and would not betray that. We are going to be particular about who we select as sponsors. And, we will not be changing what we list, we will still post all the fun stuff we find out about. We will always let you know who is a sponsor, and hope that you will support them because they are supporting us.}

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