Full Moon Drum Circle 4/8/09

The April full moon is the “Full Pink Moon.” Apparently, it had something to do with grass glowing pink under the light of April’s full moon, but personally I think these moon-naming folk just used the wrong mushrooms to make their tea that year.
We will be firedancing and drumming under that pinky moon for all to enjoy.
Thursday, April 8, 2009
79th And Collins Avenue, Ocean’s edge.
9pm – 12am or later. Family Friendly until 10:30
performers begin at 10… ish.
* blankets * snacks/drinks * musical instruments * dancing gear * friends * families * layers of clothing * cameras * good cheer *
1. Be very quiet as you approach/leave the beach, residents live nearby and noisy pedestrians encourage noise complaints to the police.
2. Leave the beach as you find it, trash-free.

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